tn_SSKM smallBeing of Colombian and Swiss heritage, I was brought up and lived in many different places in Europe and the Americas. From a very young age I was exposed to many cultures, and in my extensive travels throughout the world I found myself intrigued by the differences in those cultures and their people.

Growing up surrounded by music, dance was never too far away from me. It was only in my teenage years though that I started developing a serious physical interest in it which I nursed extensively by going to many festivals of all different types of dance. Later I mainly indulged in historical and Irish dances, which I have been performing for nearly two decades.

It then made so much sense to me when I went back to university and completed an MA in Irish dance studies (University of Limerick), where my love and passion for dance and for watching people move finally found a label and meaning.

I now aim to encourage people to dance, to pass traditions on, to preserve dance heritage and dance stories, and to bring people together through this particular art form. Nothing is more joyful to me than watching a person overcome social borders and break free from chains, letting go of everything during a dance and indulge in the momentary fleeting movement of it. I am chasing those moments wrapped up in stories.

Stephanie SK Marbach