Read up here what people think of either the project Scéalta Damhsa or the Let’s Talk! series by Scéalta Damhsa:

“The Let’s Talk! series was a wonderful opportunity to open some conversations about various topics in the Irish dance world. So often we feel like we can’t talk openly about things and providing a space for that is really appreciated!”

“If you are interested in aspects of Irish Dance this is worth a look.”

“I would not have made it through the pandemic without Let’s Talk! Seriously, these open-ended, worldwide confabs would be invaluable any time. But during a time when classes, workshops, and other methods of connecting with ‘my people’ were largely curtailed, these talks were a godsend. And I found new ‘people’! “

“These events are a great way to learn from others, broaden perspectives and learn new things about the history, theory and reality of Irish Dance all over the planet.”

“The Let’s Talk! series have been a great way to exchange experience with a diverse group of dancers and a huge opportunity, especially for people who don’t really travel to that many events and don’t have all the contacts. The atmosphere is very friendly and interesting ideas seem to bubble up regardless of the topic. Looking forward to more! 🙂 “

“Hi where else in the world can we talk about irish music and dance with the world for 6 plus hrs (if you wish)? Thanks to everybody for participating and sharing and especially thanks to those who have been dancing for a long time. Sharing your history is very important. hope we can have more of these talks.” – Nora

The Let’s Talk series are an incredible way to learn, share and preserve knowledge about dance on so many different subjects. A lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep so many memories alive for the generations to come – a truly remarkable project we’re very lucky to be able to access live with Zoom or through recordings afterwards!” – Laura

“I’m loving the Let’s Talk series of Zoom discussions! It is so fun to connect with people from all over the world and have in-depth discussions about topics we’re all so passionate about. Thank you for making this possible!” – Christina