Interviews can be done in English, Swiss-German, German, Spanish, French, or Italian. After setting up an appointment together, we meet in a quiet and comfortable location previously determined for a casual chat. It is important to me that you feel safe and content. A cup of tea surely helps as well…

We go over any possible topics you prefer not to talk about. I will ask you about your upbringing to create a context which most of the times explains a first contact with dance. I then proceed with questions on what you saw, how it was done, how you danced yourself, what it made you feel like, where it was performed, with whom etc… There is no fix structure, I will go along wherever our conversation will take us.

I will not try to pressure you or ask you uncomfortable questions. You are allowed to skip any question you like. You may also ask to stop the recording at any time, and can ask me to cut out parts of the recorded interview if you retrospectively feel uncomfortable about something. Everything is OK.

The length of the interview depends on how long you’re willing to talk to me, and how much you want to share. I have a lot of patience and am a very good listener…

To complete the interview, I will need a photograph from you, and a small bio. You can provide those to me yourself, or I can take your photograph on the day.

I will store your dance story along with all the other interviews as part of the project Scéalta Damhsa. My aim is to preserve dance heritage for memory and research purposes. In a future – and only if you feel comfortable about it –  they might become available online for general access. Some of them I might add to my personal collection at the National Dance Archives of Ireland as a donation. Please note that once you agree to be part of the project, you agree for your information to be shared and made accessible for research and further projects. It cannot be retrieved anymore.

You are then part of the Scéalta Damhsa project which I hope will grow extensively and will provide many ears with interesting, happy, funny, sad, thoughtful, but always meaningful dance stories.


Scéalta Damhsa is currently a self-funded and independent project. It is not associated to any other organisation or political party. If you would like to support it in any way, or if you have an idea for a funding plan, please send me a message.

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