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Irish Podcast Awards 2022 Nominee!

Absolutely chuffed that my podcast ‘Oíche Mhaith – by Scéalta Damhsa’ was nominated for ‘Best Arts & Culture’ at the first ever Irish Podcast Awards 2022 – whoop whoop!

The nomination in itself is already a big achievement – the outcome can’t be influenced but either way, I feel utterly happy and humble to be part of this, specially because it means a DANCE podcast made it into the final choice!

I very much feel that dance is underrepresented in the arts. I would wish to see more of it, to have more people engaging with it in different ways, and for it to get more recognition altogether. Hence, this nomitation is not for me, but for DANCE, for this precious artform, to be brought forward and to raise awareness of this issue.

There is a voting going on for the Listener’s Choice Award – the best 20 will end up in a published list. I am aiming to bring ‘Oíche Mhaith’ onto that list – will you have a spare moment for me to help make it happen?

You can vote here:

Please remember to confirm your vote by clicking on the link receiving per e-mail. 1 vote per e-mail.

Pass this along to your (dance) friends and let’s stand together for a dance podcast making that list!

I thank you already 🙂

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